Fairphone achieves all its 2022 impact goals

News overview

The year 2023 marks Fairphone’s 10th anniversary. Right from the start, the sustainable smartphone company’s mission was clear: create a viable market for sustainable electronics in a bid to stimulate the entire industry to act more responsibly. Over the years, Fairphone has transformed into an impactful mission-driven company. And it succeeded in achieving all its impact goals in 2022.

Some impact figures for 2022

  • 115,681 Fairphones were purchased in 2022; more than in all previous years;
  • A Fairphone lasts 5.5 years on average. On average, smartphones last 2.7 years;
  • The Fairphone 4 is waste-neutral. By collecting end-of-life electronic products equal to 100% of the smartphones sold;
  • For the third consecutive year, Fairphone generated a profit and increased its revenues by 62% compared to 2021;
  • Fairphone saved 999 tonnes of CO2; comparable to the electricity consumption emissions generated by 650 Dutch households in a year.

Time for change

Fairphone’s mission to change the electronics industry is now more urgent than ever. The triple crisis driven by climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution continues. Fairphone sees little sign of any global efforts to improve the way workers are treated or compensated, or the conditions under which they work. The 49 million euro investment in Fairphone made by several impact investors, including DOEN Participaties, will enable the company to accelerate growth and scale up its impact.