The Renewal Workshop has been acquired by Bleckmann

News overview

DOEN Participaties partner The Renewal Workshop has been acquired by Bleckmann, a market leader in Supply Chain Management services for fashion, lifestyle and consumer electronics. In Bleckmann, The Renewal Workshop finds a values-aligned partner that brands and customers can trust and that has the resources, expertise, and commitment to scale renewal and recommerce for the industry.

The American Renewal Workshop is a circular enterprise that has developed a full-service solution for return shipments of branded clothing. Return shipments are collected, repaired and remarketed under the name of the brands in question. In addition to its establishment in Oregon in the United States, the company also has its European Headquarters in Amsterdam. This enables it to offer circular solutions to the big brands in both the US and European markets.

The takeover by Bleckmann means the start of the next chapter for The Renewal Workshop. Jeff Denby, co-founder The Renewal Workshop: “While this is the end of one part of our journey, it is the beginning of an even bigger one. Our last request of this community is that you join us as we continue this work with the Bleckmann team. We are profoundly grateful to all of you for your support over the past six years. Working together with customers and brands as equal partners, we set out to create a new system to change an established industry. Together, we reduced 587,967 pounds of textile waste and created thousands of Renewed products that are being enjoyed all over the world.”

Marc Rasmussen, investment manager at DOEN Participaties: “The aim of our support is always to help companies grow to be able to take the next step. In Bleckmann the company has found a strong and experienced organization that can continue its impact mission.”