Veridis wants to make recycled plastics the norm by 2030

News overview

Together with the NETZSCH group, impact investor DOEN Participaties is investing in Veridis in order to market MADSCAN, a method for distinguishing different types of plastic. Veredis will use this funding to conduct pilot projects with their innovative MADSCAN technology over the next two years. Initially, this will be in the Netherlands and Germany, which have two of the most highly developed plastic recycling industries in Europe. The company then aims to roll out the technology in Europe in order to achieve standardised quality control for the European plastic recycling industry.

MADSCAN is a method for measuring the ways in which different types of plastic melt and recrystallise. Each type of recycled plastic has a unique thermal "fingerprint", which MADSCAN accurately measures by tracking the thermal changes when a sample is heated and cooled. This allows Veridis to tell recyclers exactly what types of plastics are in each batch so that they can separate the different types more effectively.

Jeroen Glansdorp, CEO of Veridis: "We are incredibly excited to have NETZSCH and DOEN Participaties on board to help us take our company and our MADSCAN technology into the next phase. Together, we are building a solution to accelerate high-quality plastic recycling!"

Currently, only 2% of all plastic is recycled. This must increase to 30% EU-wide by 2027. But there are more than 250 types of plastic. They cannot be recycled together, yet they all end up in the same bin. So it’s very important to measure what we collect accurately.

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