When considering an investment, DOEN Participaties looks at three components:

  1. Whether a proposal meets the criteria of DOEN
  2. The results of the due diligence
  3. Whether the proposal meets the funding criteria

By due diligence we mean the process of identifying the risks and opportunities of an enterprise. This includes looking at the team, the market and competition, the business plan, the product, and legal aspects.

At the time when the team is considering investing, the funding criteria are examined. If these are met, the team will submit an investment proposal to the Supervisory Board of the DOEN Foundation.

It is important to note that an investment decision is never linear, but a sum of various considerations. So although the criteria serve as a guide for DOEN Participaties, the team can sometimes deliberately depart from this when writing an investment proposal if this benefits the impact. The Supervisory Board of DOEN ultimately decides on any investment proposal.