3DTI introduces a revolutionary technology that changes the shoe industry forever

News overview

DOEN Participaties and and Fair Capital Partners Impact Fund announce their investments in 3DTI. With this investment 3DTI introduces a revolutionary technology that helps shoe manufactures to respond to consumer trends locally, sustainably, quickly, cheaper than ever before and at any scale. Without overproduction and long-distance transport.

24.2 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured globally each year. Most of these shoes are difficult to recycle and many of them will never be sold. Sooner or later, they will end up in a landfill. 3DTI will radically lower the negative environmental impact of the footwear industry. The new technology of 3DTI combines 3D printing and thermoforming, process in which the mold is the packaging, to produce footwear using sustainable materials at lightning speed. 3DTI was founded by serial entrepreneurs Eduard Zanen and Janne Kyttanen.

Marc Rasmussen, investment manager at DOEN Participaties: “Worldwide we produce a lot of items we never use. Overproduction has a big and above all unnecessary impact on our planet. 3DTI complety rethinks how products are engineered and produced and shows other how it is done!”

The video explains how it works and how the technology achieves enormous environmental benefits and cost savings.